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This site has been developed by Tombstone historian/author Steve Gatto to provide factual information about Tombstone and the people that made it famous.

Fact and fiction have become so thoroughly intangled that the truth of what really happened in Tombstone has become buried in folklore. The main goal of this page is to clear up the myths surrounding Tombstone and the characters that made it famous.

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Indictment For Killing Frank Stilwell

Morgan Earp was shot and killed in Tombstone in late March 1882. A few days later, Wyatt Earp and some others left Tombstone and headed to Tucson. There they killed Frank Stilwell on March 20, 1882. They returned to Tombstone and quickly left again, never returning to Tombstone.

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Daily Nugget, October 12, 1880 Shooting Affray Sunday night a dispute arose in the Oriental Saloon between John Tyler and Doc Holliday, two well-known sports, and a scene of bloodshed was imminent. Mutual friends, however, separated and disarmed both, and Tyler went away, Holliday remaining at the saloon. M. E. Joyce, one of the proprietors, remonstrated with Holliday about creating a disturbance in the saloon and the conversation resulted in Holliday being bodily fired out by Joyce. The former came in and demanded his pistol from behind the bar, where it had been placed by the officer who disarmed him. It was not given him and he went out, but in a short time returned and walked toward Joyce, who was just coming from behind the bar, and with a remark that wouldn't look well in print, turned loose with a self-cocker. Joyce was not more than ten feet away and jumped his assailant and struck him over the head with a six-shooter, felling him to the floor and lighting on top of him. Officers White and Bennett were near at hand and separated them, taking the pistols from each. Just how many shots were fired none present seem able to tell but in casting accounts Joyce was found to be shot through the hand, his partner, Mr. Parker, who was behind the bar, shot through the big toe of the left foot, and Holliday with a blow of the pistol in Joyce's hands. Gus Williams, barkeeper, was accused of firing a shot in the melee but on appearance in court yesterday morning no complaint appeared against him and the charge was dismissed. All the parties directly implicated are still in bed and no direct arrests have been made, although a complaint has been entered against Holliday and he will be brought before Justice Reilly as soon as he is able to appear, probably to-day.

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