The Tombstone Series

Announcing a new series of booklets by Steve Gatto about the characters and events that made Tombstone famous. This series will be based on contemporary research, and will present new information on legenday individuals and events, as well as, less freguently discussed topics.

Each volume limited To 99 signed and numbered copies!!!

Volume 1-

An Account of the Killing Of Phillip Schneider,
Charleston, A.T., January 14, 1881.
 For the first time, the story of Mike O'Rourke's killing of Phillip Schneider  is presented based  largely on Preliminary Examination court documents of  a hearing that was held on January 31, 1881.  These documents remained for decades in a private collection and have only recently been made available to the public.  Contemporary newspaper articles and other information are also used to discuss O'Rourke's subsequent capture and escape from the Pima County Jail.
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30 pages, footnoted and indexed, photos and illustrations.
$15.00 plus $3.00 S+H.
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Upcoming Volumes
Volume 2-
Curly Bill
The Life and Times of William Brocius
Release date late October 1998.
Volume 3-
Ike Clanton
A Notorious Arizona Cowboy
Release date late November 1998.
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Additional Volumes will be announced at a later date

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