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Legendary Characters of Tombstone
Wyatt Earp
John Ringo
Curly Bill Brocius
Doc Holliday
This site has been developed by Tombstone researcher Steve Gatto to provide factual information about the old west town of Tombstone, and men like Wyatt Earp and John Ringo, who made the town famous. 
Allen Street circa 1882
Famous Events 
Attack on the Kinnear Stage Coach
This Week In History 
     On November 15, 1881, the prosecution rested, and the defense presented its first witness concerning the gunfight at the OK Corral the next day. On November 16, Wyatt Earp took the stand and was permitted to read from a prepared statement. Judge Wells Spicer then allowed Wyatt to exit the stand without being cross-examined by the prosecution.
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Indictment For Killing Frank Stilwell
Resignation of Wyatt and Virgil Earp
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