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Welcome to the archive and reseach section of this site. This page will be devoted to the presentation of exact copies of orginal documents about Tombstone and the characters that made it famous. This is being done in order to allow people to have access to these historical documents without having to travel to Tombstone or throughout the country. Unfortunately the quality of reproduction on some documents is not very good. These items will be indexed by historical figure, and I will try to cross-index material. Please be patient as this will initially be a slow process..

Underlined items are currently available. Others will be added in time. I hope that this is both interesting and helpful to anyone intersted in Tombstone history.

Steve Gatto

Curly Bill Brocius

Texas Conviction

*Criminal court records State vs Robert Martin and William Bresnaham (1878)


*Pima County Jail records on committment (1880)

*Docket entry-Criminal Register of Complaints (1881)

*Indictment for Larceny (1881)

*Ledger entry-Cochise County Records (1882)

Wyatt Earp

Lamar Period

*Signed oath for Constable of Lamar Township, Missouri (1869)

*Signed Bond for position of Constable-Lamar Township (1869)

*Land purchase record for lot with house on it in Lamar (1870)

*Signed land sale record for lot with house (1870)

*Summons issued for Wyatt Earp's appearence in lawsuit (1871)

*Summons issued for Virgil Earp as witness in lawsuit against Wyatt (1871)

*Order for cost against Wyatt Earp and James Maupin for $6.00 (1872)

*Information filed against Wyatt Earp for horse theft (1872)

Tombstone Period

*Signed oath for office of Pima County Deputy Sheriff (1880)

*Signed resignation as Pima County Deputy Sheriff (1880)

Mike O'Rourke "Johnny Behind The Duece"

Murder of Schneider-Charleston -1881

*Pima County Jail Records on committment (1881)

*Subpoena for witnesses (1881)

*Justice Joseph Nuegass' decision to bind O'Rourke over on Murder charge (1881)

*Indictment for murder (1881)

*Criminal Register of Actions-Cochise County (1881)

*Preliminary Examination records (1881)

John Ringo

San Jose, California-1864-1870

*Santa Clara County Probate Records-signed by Ringo (for father's estate) 1864


*Indictment in Burnet County, Texas for Disturbing the Peace (1875)

*Burnet County Court Records for threatening life of Sheriff and Deputy (1875)

*Docket Entries-Burnet County

*Docket Entries-Lampasas County

*Indictment by Mason County Grand Jury for murder


*Letter written by Ringo following shooting of Louis Hancock (1880)

*Docket entry-Pima County- Ringo's failure to appear before Grand Jury

*Register of Complaints- Cochise County (1881)

*affadavit written by James Earp accusing Ringo of escape (1882)

*Coroner's Report (1882)

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