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This site has been developed by Tombstone researcher Steve Gatto to provide factual information about Curly Bill Brocius. Curly Bill led a mysterious life and his supposed death is one of the most controversial in western history. He became known in Arizona as "Arizona's Most Famous Outlaw" following his shooting of Tombstone marshal Fred White, who died about two days after his midnight encounter with William Brocius. The cowboy, who quickly became better known by the sobriquet Curly Bill, lived a life on the fringe of society. It appears that he used several aliases during his life. Thus, his true name and origins remain elusive. In March 1882, Wyatt Earp claimed to have killed Curly Bill during a gun battle in the Whetstone Mountain but the claim was very controversial at the time. Indeed, it appears that Curly Bill had left Arizona in December 1881 to avoid a charge of larceny.

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