Tombstone Historical Page

About This Page!

This site has been developed by Tombstone researcher Steve Gatto to provide factual information about Tombstone and the characters like Wyatt Earp and John Ringo, who made the town famous.

Fact and fiction have become so thoroughly intangled that the truth of what really happened in Tombstone has become buried in folklore. The main goal of this page is to clear up the myths surrounding the Tombstone saga and individuals like Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt Earp has become the most famous lawman of the old west. Yet, many of the claims made for or by Wyatt Earp remain very controversial. I will begin to examine some of the Wyatt Earp claims that are controversial.

Book Review- The Real Wyatt Earp: A Documentary Biography by Steve Gatto.

Updated July 16, 2000