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This site has been developed by John Ringo researcher Steve Gatto to provide factual information about John Ringo. This legendary old west figure gained a reputation as a notorious man in Texas during his participation in the Mason County War.  Around 1879 he left Texas and drifted to Arizona. John Ringo eventually became Wyatt Earp's chief antagonist in Tombstone. 
John Ringo
It's the Wild Wild West.
This Week In History 
     On July 2 1882, John Ringo rode into Tombstone and began a drinking spree that lasted over a week.  Twelve days later he  was found dead with a gushot wound to his temple.  He had been dead for a day.  At the time his death was officially declared a suicide.  Today, a
number of theories have been presented to claim that one person or another
killed Ringo.  None are supported by any real facts.
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